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Support in the Netherlands

Recycling program

We have received a lot of support from people for the recycling program in the Netherlands.

One of them is Tino Anraad from Rotterdam.  He donates the paper and clothes he receives through his foundation, Opnieuw, to our charity.  We pick it up and deliver it to be recycled.  The money we receive goes to JC Dragon’s Heart Europe.

The Opnieuw Foundation is engaged in the recycling of used goods through their store, Dopey’s Place.

Tino is no stranger to us.  He has already supported the Charity evening which we held in Rotterdam last year with his band, Eydie & Company.


Dopey's Place

Dopey’s Place


Koos and his foundation ‘Cirkeltje Rond’ donate paper and clothes, and is also engaged in the recycling of used goods through his second hand shop at Hudsonstraat 75-89 in Rotterdam.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe would like to thank Tino and Koos very much for their contribution and support.