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Supporting young adults with special needs in north London

On Wednesday 19 June 2013, the UK organisers of JC Dragon’s Heart Europe presented a cheque for £650 to Sanjuro Training Systems Ltd to help fund the Sanjuro martial arts class for young adults with special needs in Tottenham, north London. There are few such opportunities for these young people to train regularly – and safely – in the martial arts.

Members of the JC Dragon’s Heart Europe (UK) team first visited the class last summer and the team is delighted to now have the opportunity to lend a helping hand to keep the class running. The team has seen first-hand how these young people have learned to develop self-confidence and how to trust and interact with one another. Testimonials from both the young people and their parents show just how important these classes are to them.

The founder of Sanjuro, Glenn Delikan, was homeless twice when he was growing up. He says, ”there were many times when people could have helped simply by saying ‘yes’, with no compromise to their own position, but most people never did’.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe is proud to say ‘yes’.