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JC Dragon’s Heart Europe Meeting Centre, Rotterdam 2019

Here is an overview of a number of events from the Meeting Centre for 2019.

The Huis Madelief meeting centre had a good year. In addition to the usual weekly activities, there were also various other fun activities.

Project Huis Daisy, for example, had a games morning, a day of pampering , various film mornings and of course making Christmas pieces in December. 

The Huis Madelief project celebrated its 5 year Anniversary in September and this became a festive afternoon to which everyone was invited.

Furthermore, we celebrated the birthdays of some of our volunteers with a very festive afternoon because our regular volunteers, Jacqueline, turned 50 at the end of July. One of our volunteers had persuaded a few members of the Harley Davidson club to come along on the occasion of her 50th birthday and allow her to take a ride on the motorcycle (with someone at the front of course!).

The monthly bingo evenings were also well attended throughout the year; this also applies to the two monthly paranormal evenings.  In addition, we had the fashion shows for the ladies of project Madelief in the spring and autumn.

We continuously have a ‘second-hand’ market in the centre and a few times a year an indoor market in Rijswijk.

Because the Centre organises so much for the elderly in the area, we have been nominated for the Hoogvlieter of the Year 2019, together with two more people who contribute to the welfare work in Hoogvliet.

The result will be announced on January 8 during a festive evening. The recordings and the interviews have already taken place. It will be exciting … it would be very nice to be the winner.

Finally, on behalf of the team at the Huis Madelief meeting centre, we wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year.