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A steadily growing number of people are doing their bit by clicking on the ‘Like’ button – it costs nothing, but it helps to spread the word about our charity. The higher our profile becomes, the more people find out about us and the greater the opportunities for Jackie’s Dragon’s Heart Europe to help some of the poorest people in the world. Please click on the Like button above now and/or send a message to someone you know about our website.

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You can donate in any currency, from any country and the donation will be converted into Sterling or Euros.

UK Supporters

Do you ever shop online?

Did you know that thousands of outlets donate a percentage of the cost of your purchase to your chosen charity? This is at no extra cost to yourself!

Support Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe via – www.easyfundraising.org.uk

Also, you can raise money for your chosen charity via – www.easysearch.org.uk

Why not consider making a regular monthly donation by setting up a Direct Debit with your bank? Just 5 Euros/Pounds per month can make a huge difference as it all adds up!

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Fundraising Ideas

There are many fun ways to fundraise, many of which are favourites of our Dragon Kidz; some great ideas can be found on the following web sites:



Please send us your photos and stories about your fundraising activities for Jackie’s Dragon’s Heart Europe so that we can include them on our web site.

We are again offering two sizes of calendars for 2014:

Wall Calendar Front Page2014 Wall Calendar Front Page

One is a Wall calendar (cost 15 Euros, 13 UK Pounds, 21 US Dollars or 22 Australian Dollars).
The other is a Desk calendar (cost 10 Euros, 9 UK Pounds, 14 US Dollars or 15 Australian Dollars).
The above costs include worldwide shipping.

A third of the cost of each calendar will go to the JC Dragon’s Heart Europe charity. Both size calendars are available in Dutch, German and English.

The Wall calendar features photographs from Jackie’s hometown of Hong Kong. Here is the photograph of the front cover of the Dutch and German calendar (the English version will be similar).

Desktop Calendar Front Page2014 Desk Calendar Front Page

The Desk calendar features photographs from locations where Jackie has filmed his movies. The front cover of the Dutch and German versions are shown below (again, the English version will be similar).


The Competition is for you to identify from the Desk calendar which of Jackie’s movies were filmed at each month’s location. The Competition has a closing date of 1st February 2014. There will be one winner and that will be whoever gets all locations correct. If there are more winning entries, one entry will be drawn at random. The judges’ decision is final.

To order your calendar(s) and to submit your Competition entries, email one of the following:
gail@jcdragonshearteurope.org.uk (English version)
kitty@jcdragonshearteurope.nl (Dutch version)
silke@jcdragonshearteurope.de (German version)
Thank you and good luck!

Also available: wrist bands with the Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe logo and the UK website address (www.jcdragonshearteurope.org.uk). Price £2.00 +P&P. Available from gail@jcdragonshearteurope.org.uk

The 2013 Rotterdam Marathon …

… And Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe
Help Us To Build A New School For Rwandan Orphans

On 13 April 2013, the Rotterdam Marathon Kids’ Run will be held.

Rotterdam Marathon Charity Fundraising Runners

Children from the age of 6 years are invited to take part in one of the following distances: 1 km or 2.5 km. If they run (or walk) for Jackie’s Dragon’s Heart Europe, 1 Euro of the 3.50 Euro entry fee will go directly to Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe, all of which will be used to help fund the building of a school for the children at the Rwandan Orphans Project. (http://www.ropstories.org/?p=169) The other 2.50 Euros will go to the Marathon organisation.

Oh and by the way, there is a possibility that if 1,000 children take part, Jackie Chan himself may attend!

So why not join us and support Jackie’s Dragon’s Heart Europe and The Rwandan Orphans Project.
We look forward to seeing you there!

From The Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP)

Thanks to everyone who helped make the ROP Christmas so wonderful – new shoes, underwear and sunglasses for each child; a new stereo for everyone to enjoy; great food; games; quizzes; dancing and cakes. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful donors and supporters! Thank you all!

Rwandan Orphans
Helping Rwandan Orphans at Christmas

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe & The Rwandan Orphans Project

Unfortunately owing to circumstances in Rwanda this year, The Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP) has struggled to find any local businesses and donors to sponsor the Christmas celebration for the 100 boys at the orphanage, allowing ROP to provide a special meal and a small paper sack with a few simple gifts like pens, notebooks for school, tennis ball, few sweets.

Dragon’s Heart Europe is pleased to contribute to the cost of giving the boys a special Christmas and would like to say a huge thank you to supporters, without whom they would not have been able to make this possible – thank you very much!