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Emmanuel – 2017 Update

We recently received the following from Sean Jones, Executive Director at The Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP).  Emmanuel was featured in our original write-up on the ROP in 2012.

“Emmanuel joined ROP’s Imizi Children’s Centre in Rwanda when he was only five years old.  This was around the same time that Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe charity began its partnership with ROP, helping us to provide our former street children with quality primary education.  At the time, Emmanuel was the youngest child to join the Imizi program, and he started school in grade 1.

Each and every year, Emmanuel worked as hard as he could in the classroom, and as a result he was almost always at the top of his class at the end of the term.  All of his fellow classmates looked up to him as an example of what hard work and enthusiasm can achieve.

Today, six years later, Emmanuel has nearly completed his first year of secondary school, and once again he has risen to the challenge by being one of the top scoring students at his new boarding school.  Whilst we are very proud of Emmanuel’s achievements, we are also very proud of the fact that, after years of hard work from our team of social workers, we have been able to rebuild the relationship Emmanuel had with his former estranged aunt.

Emmanuel ran away to the streets because his aunt was abusive and negligent towards him when he was younger, but today they have a very positive relationship and Emmanuel goes to visit her in between school terms.  ROP has also helped his aunt to start a small business selling fish at the local market, so she is now able to take better care of her own children as well.

It is thanks to the support of our partners, like Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe, that we have been able to change Emmanuel’s life, and the life of so many other vulnerable children from all over Rwanda.”

We are delighted that Emmanuel is doing so well, and would like to thank Sean for his update.

And here is a photo of Emmanuel as he is today …