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Dragon Kidz

The Dragon Kidz - JC Dragon's Heart Europe OrganisersBarbara, Kevin, Christine
and Thomas our ‘Dragon Kidz’

Hi, we are Thomas Engelmoer, Christine Engelmoer, Kevin van Meijeren and Barbara van Meijeren, better known as the Dragon Kidz!

We formed the Dragon Kidz Club when we found out that there are children all over the world who aren’t able to do all the things that we can do. A lot of children can’t even go to school!

When we heard that, we started doing events to raise money. We got inspired by Jackie’s Build a School for a Dollar project and we learnt that fundraising can be fun! For example, we sold our old toys at fancy fairs and flea markets and even made items at home to sell.

The Dragon Kidz - Kevin and Friend Play Guitar to Raise Funds‘Dragon Kidz’
Busking at the Market

Kevin and a friend played guitar at the local market.

We made a lot of plans and raised as much money as we could but we can’t do it on our own and would like to invite you to help us raise money for JC Dragon’s Heart Europe.

So come and join us and help children all over the world! Contact your organiser now!

The Dragon Kidz - Selling Toys to Raise Funds for JC Dragon's Heart EuropeStall Selling Toys
Dragon Kidz Raising Funds