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Coming in 2020!

After the success of the International JC Fans Spanish ‘Joining Cultures’ Tour in July 2017 (organised by Antonio Ramírez), we have decided to continue with the ‘Joining Cultures’ theme, and are organising our own Joining Cultures Tour.

The ‘Jackie Chan International Dragon’s Heart Europe/Joining Cultures (England) Fundraising Tour’ will continue with the same philosophy – Jackie Chan fans from different countries and cultures joining together and visiting the locations where the movies ‘The Foreigner’ and ‘Shanghai Knights were filmed. We will also be visiting other cultural places in and around London, England. There are some fun events planned for the evenings, including an auction of exciting memorabilia!

The date of the Tour will be 2nd – 8th August 2020 .

If you would like to join the Tour, just send an email with your name and country to: