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New Supporter!

In August, UK Board members Jane, Gail and Ben visited with Alex of Yin Yang Martial Arts School in Fleet, Hampshire, UK.

Alex is keen to fundraise for JC Dragon’s Heart Europe and came up with some exciting and innovative ideas.

We are grateful to Alex for his support and look forward to working with him and his team in the future.

“Tough Mudder” challenge

We were delighted to hear that on 1st August 2015, several students from Chris Jones Martial Arts are taking part in a mentally and physically challenging obstacle course called Tough Mudder to raise money for JC Dragon’s Heart Europe.

If you are able to spare a little to help and encourage them, please visit this link to support their efforts http://www.gofundme.com/CJMAATOUGHMUDDERS

We would like to thank all of them for their great initiative, and wish them lots of luck!

Tough Mudder

A novel way to fundraise!

UK board member and organiser Jane has come up with a novel way of raising funds for the charity. She has become an independent distributor for the Organo Gold range of healthy drinks and has pledged to donate all profits to the charity.

Please visit her website www.red-dragon88.myorganogold.com where you can buy your healthy coffee (and tea and chocolate!), knowing that you are not only helping your health but also helping support our charity projects.

Further support from Chris Jones Martial Arts!

Chris Jones of Chris Jones Martial Arts, Knaresborough in the UK, organised a fundraising event amongst his students and their friends/family during Comic Relief earlier this year.

A fantastic amount of £221 was donated to the charity which we are delighted with!

Many thanks to everyone who supported JC Dragon’s Heart Europe in this initiative, and especially Chris for organising it.

Support in the Netherlands

Recycling program

We have received a lot of support from people for the recycling program in the Netherlands.

One of them is Tino Anraad from Rotterdam.  He donates the paper and clothes he receives through his foundation, Opnieuw, to our charity.  We pick it up and deliver it to be recycled.  The money we receive goes to JC Dragon’s Heart Europe.

The Opnieuw Foundation is engaged in the recycling of used goods through their store, Dopey’s Place.

Tino is no stranger to us.  He has already supported the Charity evening which we held in Rotterdam last year with his band, Eydie & Company.


Dopey's Place

Dopey’s Place


Koos and his foundation ‘Cirkeltje Rond’ donate paper and clothes, and is also engaged in the recycling of used goods through his second hand shop at Hudsonstraat 75-89 in Rotterdam.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe would like to thank Tino and Koos very much for their contribution and support.