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JC Dragon’s Heart Europe Meeting Centre, Rotterdam 2019

Here is an overview of a number of events from the Meeting Centre for 2019.

The Huis Madelief meeting centre had a good year. In addition to the usual weekly activities, there were also various other fun activities.

Project Huis Daisy, for example, had a games morning, a day of pampering , various film mornings and of course making Christmas pieces in December. 

The Huis Madelief project celebrated its 5 year Anniversary in September and this became a festive afternoon to which everyone was invited.

Furthermore, we celebrated the birthdays of some of our volunteers with a very festive afternoon because our regular volunteers, Jacqueline, turned 50 at the end of July. One of our volunteers had persuaded a few members of the Harley Davidson club to come along on the occasion of her 50th birthday and allow her to take a ride on the motorcycle (with someone at the front of course!).

The monthly bingo evenings were also well attended throughout the year; this also applies to the two monthly paranormal evenings.  In addition, we had the fashion shows for the ladies of project Madelief in the spring and autumn.

We continuously have a ‘second-hand’ market in the centre and a few times a year an indoor market in Rijswijk.

Because the Centre organises so much for the elderly in the area, we have been nominated for the Hoogvlieter of the Year 2019, together with two more people who contribute to the welfare work in Hoogvliet.

The result will be announced on January 8 during a festive evening. The recordings and the interviews have already taken place. It will be exciting … it would be very nice to be the winner.

Finally, on behalf of the team at the Huis Madelief meeting centre, we wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year.

New Year 2019

There was a great start to the 2019 New Year at the community centre.  The morning session on 2 January was the first to start with a small reception which was just a cosy get together and a toast to 2019.

This was repeated on 8 January at the House Madelief project.  The groups of Tuesday and Thursday each made a toast to 2019 whilst enjoying a snack and drink, which was provided by a few volunteers.

Kitty gave a brief speech and wished everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

Happy Holidays!



Our community centre, House Madelief, had a great Christmas atmosphere throughout the month with  various Christmas activities.

There was a Christmas breakfast with the one of the clubs who attend the Centre.  There was also a high tea at House Madelief, a lovely afternoon for the people who attend the House Madelief project.  Kitty also organized a Christmas drink for the volunteers, where each volunteer was given a small gift.

We can definitely look back on a successful 2018.

We wish everyone a nice, warm Christmas and a lot of health and happiness for 2019.

Christmas wish –

See that other person,

Look at that other person,

Be good for each other,

Not only at Christmas, but throughout the year.

Christmas Market, House Madelief

On Saturday, 1 December 2018, a Christmas market will be held in House Madelief at the Bovensim 148 in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam.

Although this market will be Christmas-themed, there will also be other items for sale. Come and take a look and of course, there is also tea, coffee or any other snack you may like.

See you at the Christmas market.

Christmas Bingo, House Madelief

On Friday, November 23 2018, there was Christmas Bingo in our Meeting Centre. It was a very successful evening.

The winning prizes were entirely Christmas-themed and extra snacks were served during the break. A good Bingo-closure for the year 2018, where our team of volunteers did their best.

All the proceeds go to the charity.


Clothing Fair, House Madelief

On Saturday 3 November 2018, there was a secondhand clothing fair in Huis Madelief.  The day was pleasant and went well.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible – all proceeds from the sale have been donated to Dragon’s Heart Europe.


Bus tour organised by Huis Madelief – great success!

The bus tour organised by Huis Madelief on Saturday 6 October 2018 was indeed a great success.

At 8.00 am everyone boarded the bus and left for Ommen.  The weather was beautiful and the mood was good.  On arrival, there was coffee and cake for all, and then we had a lovely boat trip.  Both the bus trip and the boat tour led us through beautiful nature reserves.  We also drove through the beautiful estate Vilsteren.  After the boat trip, we visited a beautiful church where many of our group spent a peaceful moment.  We ended our trip in Restaurant de Ruif, where we ate a delicious meal.

About 7.00 pm, we were back in Hoogvliet where we were met by a few volunteers who spoilt us with soup and sandwiches as a conclusion to this day.  The bus trip is definitely worth repeating.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this day an unforgettable day.


Fashion show – Skyline Mode

On Tuesday 6 November 2018, House Madelief organised a fashion show together with Skyline Mode. There was a very nice collection and many items were brought.  The Skyline ladies helped the elderly people to try on the clothes which was much appreciated.  Meanwhile, there was time for a cup of coffee or tea, amidst much discussion about the clothes.  The participants went home very happy with their newly purchased clothes.

Neuzelbeurs Rijswijk

On Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September 2018, Hendrik Engelmoer and Ine Bosman, two volunteers from the House Madelief, were at the Neuzelbeurs in Rijswijk.

It was an early start on the Saturday morning at 6:15 am but on Sunday they were able to leave home a little later, at 8:30 am owing to the clock change.

The Fair opened at 10.00 am on both days. The Saturday was not so crowded, however, the Sunday was very busy and went well.

All proceeds from the Fair were donated to the charity – Hendrik and Ine, thank you very much for your efforts.


Catherine Johnson – “What is a Dragon’s Heart?”

What is a ‘Dragon’s Heart’?

To find out, I visited a Sanjuro Martial Arts class in North London to meet Glenn, Anita and the young people they work with. After a tour of Bruce Grove Youth Club, I watched the disability group in action – and wow, it was active! There was no let-up in the energy and focus of the class. From the parents and carers, I heard how important the group was in developing confidence and physicality. The young students from an earlier class joined in, demonstrating Sanjuro’s emphasis on helping each other. They helped me too, when my spelling skills failed!

A week later, I was at the JC Dragon’s Heart Europe Community Centre (House Madelief) in Hoogvliet. Kitty and her friendly team made me very welcome – and even persuaded me to join in a tai chi class with Olympic coach Chris de Korte. Madelief Huis feels like a family home – an inviting, cheerful place that provides activities and company for isolated elders. The local community can pick up second-hand bargains at the Centre, which encourages a mix of all ages. I was very tempted by the paintings and the records – next time I will take a larger bag.

I’ve learnt you don’t need the skills of Jackie Chan to have a Dragon’s Heart. Just courage, compassion and the determination to take on a challenge – whether martial arts in a wheelchair or meeting a new neighbour. We can all inspire and support others, in great ways and small. That’s our Dragon Hearts beating.

Catherine Johnson