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Judo Tournament was another big success!

On Sunday 25 November, another Judo Tournament was held to support our charity. From every enrolment, one Euro was donated to JC Dragon’s Heart Europe. Many children participated making it a great success.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe & Sanjuro Martial Arts

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe is funding a 10-week Martial Arts course, starting on 3 October 2012. The course is being run by Sanjuro Martial Arts in Tottenham, north London, scene of the 2011 riots, and is aimed at 13-19 year olds.

What attracted JC Dragon’s Heart Europe to support this project was Sanjuro’s focus – not on learning to fight – but on teaching vulnerable young people how to overcome confidence issues and how to be safe on the street; how to benefit through being fit and following a healthy lifestyle, and also how to learn a new skill which has the potential to lead to employment as a Sanjuro instructor.

We wish the course every success!

To read more about Sanjuro Martial Arts, visit their website at http://sanjuromartialarts.com/

2013 Desktop and Wall Calendar

2013 Wall Calendar Picture

Calling all supporters of JC Dragon’s Heart Europe and fans of Jackie Chan and Hong Kong!

As many of you know, for some years Silke, our representative in Germany, has designed wall calendars of Hong Kong to raise money to support Jackie Chan’s charity.

Well, she is doing this again for 2013 but this time she wants to involve YOU as well! So, if you have been to Jackie’s home-town of Hong Kong and have good quality photos you would like her to consider for inclusion in the 2013 calendar, please contact her for details.

She is also thinking about producing a limited edition desk calendar with photos from Jackie’s film locations from around the world. Have you ever visited any of them and taken some good quality photos? If so, then once again, please do send them to her.

Update – Both calendars are now available to buy. The price for the wall calendar is 15 Euro and it is 10 Euro for the desk calendar

For further information and to order, please contact: silke@jcdragonshearteurope.de

2012 Visit to Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP), Kigali, Rwanda, Africa

Group Photo - Rwanda Visit

The JC Dragon’s Heart Europe team has just returned from a self financed fact-finding visit to the Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP), Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.

We have to begin by expressing our special thanks to Jenny Clover for contacting us and bringing ROP to our attention, and to Sean Jones for so ably hosting our visit. We must also extend our thanks to the staff, teachers and the boys themselves for making our visit so enjoyable as well as informative. We took with us clothes that had been donated especially for the boys; games; basic first aid supplies, as well as some very special tee shirts, signed photos and small gifts donated by Jackie Chan.

Classroom Photo - Rwanda Visit

We observed the boys at work and play. We sat in on some of their lessons and were impressed by the quality of the teaching and the enthusiasm of the students in class.

Playing Volleyball - Rwanda Visit

The boys let off steam through playing volley ball and football. We witnessed a football match between ROP and a local ‘catch up’ school and saw that the players had to contend with vehicles and pedestrians going across the pitch! (Incidentally, ROP played really well and won 3-0!)

Playing Football - Rwanda Visit

We were impressed by the boys’ ability and imagination to teach themselves hip-hop, acrobatics, dancing and singing.

Sean invited us to sit in on an art class which we agreed was a great idea .. we then thought, why not ask if we could invite the children to draw a picture that we could send to Jackie; they had already told us that the boys were big fans and that they loved to watch his films. The message went out and, as it was their free time, attendance was voluntary. Imagine our surprise when 60 boys turned up! They produced over 90 drawings, which have now been sent to Jackie. This is all the more amazing as the boys only learnt to draw last summer. Before then, they had not had the opportunity or materials to do so.

Dance Routine - Rwanda VisitBoys Dancing - Rwanda VisitPutting on a Show - Rwanda Visit

Six of the older boys ‘graduated’ from the ROP during our visit and a ceremony was held to celebrate this achievement. These boys are now living in a half-way house as they make the transition into work and society.

Playing Music - Rwanda Visit

Some hope to be able to progress to further education and are waiting for the results of their recent exams. The ceremony included performances by the younger children of self taught hip-hop routines, singing and dancing. In addition to a certificate from ROP, the boys were given one of Jackie’s tee shirts.

The work of the Rwandan Orphans Project is extremely important and we are delighted to be working in partnership with them. Our focus is on helping with their education costs because education, be it formal or vocational, will be a passport to a better life where the boys can fulfil their potential. We saw a lot of talent displayed by the boys and we are determined that they should have the opportunity to use these talents.

Orphans Learning To Draw Pictures - Rwanda Visit

The Class Enjoying Using Their New Materials - Rwanda Visit

The Rwandan Orphans Project has worked miracles in getting where it is today but it still faces many challenges. We recognise that there is no quick fix, which is why we are committed to a long term partnership with them.

Pictures Drawn By The Class - Rwanda Visit

Rwanda Visit - Hope For Orphaned Children

We were given a tour of the facilities at ROP and, whilst the initial reaction was one of shock because they were so basic, we came to realise that they were luxury compared with the unfinished warehouse where they used to be based – in a dangerous part of Kigali where illicit drugs and alcohol were freely available.

The facilities where they are now may be basic but they provide a safe environment, a place to sleep, simple food (with rabbits, goats, and in the future chickens, being kept to help supplement the boys’ diet), clothing, and an education.

In addition, the ROP team has made excellent use of the buildings at their disposal, including a play room where the children can play with toys or draw pictures and do some of the things that other children take for granted. There is even a sewing room where quilts and bags are made for sale as a source of income.

They have recently started two new initiatives – one is a nursery where, for a small fee, local families can take their pre-school children for a few hours a day. The other initiative is to ‘Sponsor a Child’, and we would like to encourage anyone who feels they are able to participate in this to get in touch with the Rwandan Orphans Project directly – www.rwandanorphansproject.org – for little more than 67 pence a day, you can help to turn a child’s life around!

Following a generous donation from an Australian couple, the Rwandan Orphans Project recently acquired three acres of land on which they are hoping to build a new orphanage which will include new dormitories with adequate sleeping accommodation (the youngest boys currently sleep 2-3 to a bed), toilet and shower facilities, a kitchen and a school. It is JC Dragon’s Heart Europe’s sincere hope that we can help in the building of the school – could this be the first Dragon’s Heart school in Africa?

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe has already provided funding for a new, bigger water tank (see photos below) to supplement the existing tank so that the boys do not have to collect water in buckets from a well, which is what we saw on our walk to the new land.

There is a lot to do but this visit has given us the motivation to do all we can to help and support the Rwandan Orphans Project. We CAN make a difference!

Click on the Picture Gallery images to display a larger version of each photo from our visit to Rwanda.

Judo Tournament: 20 May 2012

On Sunday 20 May, the last Judo tournament of the season was held. The children were fantastic and everyone had a great time. The tournaments will start again in September.

We want to thank De Korte Sport and Health Institute for their continued support, and a special thank you to the De Korte Judo tournament team for organizing these events.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe – Prize-Giving for Kids’ Run

Childrens Charity Run Event Prizes

The children who participated in the Rotterdam Marathon Kids’ Run in April to support our charity received a lovely surprise.

To thank the children for their support, Jackie sent some prizes to give to the children and on Friday 6 July, a party was held at De Korte Sport and Health Institute where the prizes were handed out. Everyone enjoyed themselves and said that they were determined to participate again next year.

We want to thank the children for taking part in the Run to support JC Dragon’s Heart Europe. Well done!

See you next year!

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe & Chris Jones

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe is delighted to announce that Chris Jones – www.chrisjonesaction.co.uk and www.actionfilmseminars.co.uk – has agreed to support our charity. We very much look forward to working with Chris to achieve our goals in helping underprivileged children, the elderly and the handicapped in Europe and Africa.

Welcome aboard Chris!

Rotterdam Marathon Weekend 2012

What a great weekend!

It was a bit chilly on the day of the Kids’ Run but the sun came out every now and then. The children did very well and had a lot of fun; they said that they will certainly participate again next year.

On Sunday, there was a very cold wind but in spite of the cold, the runners finished the 5 kms. in very good time.

We want to thank everyone who took part to support our foundation. See you again next year!