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JC Dragon’s Heart Europe support for Sanjuro Martial Arts Training Systems

The Sanjuro Martial Arts training system that JC Dragon’s Heart Europe supports in the UK is concerned with guaranteeing the survival of a very special martial arts class. It is run by Sanjuro* for young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in a deprived part of north London.

They work with children from 6 years old with no upper age limit. The people they work with include: those with Down’s syndrome, Autism, those who are hard of hearing, have visual impairments, or use wheelchairs.

Through a partnership with the local council, whereby they provide half the funding and JC Dragon’s Heart Europe funds the other half, we have ensured that the classes will take place for the full academic year September 2015 – July 2016. This guarantee of funding has allowed Sanjuro to make the class so much more than just about martial arts.

They are now able to develop a program which is more challenging for the students and includes training about empowerment, personal development, and employment. Students can be trained to become trainers in their own right which immediately gives them an opportunity for employment.

The benefits to this vulnerable section of the local community are tangible. We have seen the very real difference this training brings to the lives of the students and their families. The young people interact with each other in a way they would not have done without the class. They have the opportunity, no matter how physically or mentally disabled they are, to take part in the training which has brought about benefits to their health and wellbeing.

Without this class, there is nowhere for these young people to meet, train and develop together in a safe environment.

What JC Dragon’s Heart Europe is trying to achieve is a commitment to making sure this very special class continues. We want to be able to offer long term support so that the programme is sustainable and the benefits to this often forgotten section of the local community can grow year on year. Your donation can help us to do that!

‘If this class wasn’t on, Emma would be doing nothing. She’d be stuck indoors… It’s so important to them all. The staff really look after them and give them lots of encouragement. They allow younger brothers and sisters to join in, even the parents if they want to.’
Quote from a Parent, about a Sanjuro class for students with special needs, aged 14-24 years.


Support in the Netherlands

Recycling program

We have received a lot of support from people for the recycling program in the Netherlands.

One of them is Tino Anraad from Rotterdam.  He donates the paper and clothes he receives through his foundation, Opnieuw, to our charity.  We pick it up and deliver it to be recycled.  The money we receive goes to JC Dragon’s Heart Europe.

The Opnieuw Foundation is engaged in the recycling of used goods through their store, Dopey’s Place.

Tino is no stranger to us.  He has already supported the Charity evening which we held in Rotterdam last year with his band, Eydie & Company.


Dopey's Place

Dopey’s Place


Koos and his foundation ‘Cirkeltje Rond’ donate paper and clothes, and is also engaged in the recycling of used goods through his second hand shop at Hudsonstraat 75-89 in Rotterdam.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe would like to thank Tino and Koos very much for their contribution and support.

Charity Gig in Rotterdam, 11th October 2014

In November 2013, a Charity Gig in Rotterdam was organised by the cover band ‘Dodgy Deal’ to support JC Dragon’s Heart Europe.  It was great fun and a huge success!

This year, the band members of ‘Dodgy Deal’ will organise another Charity Gig in Rotterdam on Saturday 11th October 2014.

You can once again enjoy a musical evening with amongst others, Eydie & Company.  There will also be a raffle.

Music Center Albrandswaard will again donate the venue.

The directions to MCA can be found at: www.mca.nu

As soon as more information becomes available, we will let you know via this website or on our Facebook page.

Charity Sparring Challenge


We are amazed and delighted to hear from Chris Jones (http://www.chrisjonesmartialarts.moonfruit.com/) his recent Charity Sparring Challenge raised over £800 for his three chosen charities, one of which was JC Dragon’s Heart Europe.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe would like to thank Chris for including us in a share of his fundraising efforts. Many thanks Chris, and very well done!

If you would like to watch the action, click on the link:

Successful Judo Tournament season at De Korte Sport and Health Institute

On Sunday 16 June, the last Judo tournament of the season was held. It was a great day and the children were fantastic!!

This season has been very successful as the tournaments become more popular.

We would like to thank De Korte Sport and Health Institute for their continued support. Our special thanks goes to De Korte Judo tournament team who do a great job of organising these tournaments.

The Judo tournaments will be starting again in September.

UK Charity Sparring Challenge

On 30th June 2013 Chris Jones, one of JC Dragon’s Heart Europe’s UK partners, bravely – or should that be rashly – took on an epic sparring challenge to raise money for charity! Chris, a martial arts expert and instructor, would eventually face no fewer than 50 challengers! As he said at the time, ‘The more I get beaten up, the more money is raised!’

Money was raised for JC Dragon’s Heart Europe, Save The Children and The British Heart Foundation and Chris knows that Jackie Chan was told about this challenge – so, extra pressure for him!!!

We’d like to thank Chris for his efforts – another great event and a great idea for fundraising.

Supporting young adults with special needs in north London

On Wednesday 19 June 2013, the UK organisers of JC Dragon’s Heart Europe presented a cheque for £650 to Sanjuro Training Systems Ltd to help fund the Sanjuro martial arts class for young adults with special needs in Tottenham, north London. There are few such opportunities for these young people to train regularly – and safely – in the martial arts.

Members of the JC Dragon’s Heart Europe (UK) team first visited the class last summer and the team is delighted to now have the opportunity to lend a helping hand to keep the class running. The team has seen first-hand how these young people have learned to develop self-confidence and how to trust and interact with one another. Testimonials from both the young people and their parents show just how important these classes are to them.

The founder of Sanjuro, Glenn Delikan, was homeless twice when he was growing up. He says, ”there were many times when people could have helped simply by saying ‘yes’, with no compromise to their own position, but most people never did’.

JC Dragon’s Heart Europe is proud to say ‘yes’.

Rotterdam Marathon Kids’ Run, what a great day!

On Saturday 13 April, JC Dragon’s Heart Europe participated in the Rotterdam Marathon Kids’ Run. A fantastic and enthusiastic team of children ran the 1km or the 2.5kms race. After the race, they received not only a medal from the Rotterdam Marathon organisation, but also a bag of small presents from Jackie Chan which we handed out to them. Jackie also sent a personal video message to thank the children for their participation and support, which they were very surprised and happy with. Below you can admire the photos of our heroes.

Karate Kids support JC Dragon’s Heart Europe!

We have a new group of children supporting our charity, JC Dragon’s Heart Europe. They are the Karate Kids of Karate Club Renan from Schiedam, the Netherlands.

On Saturday 24 November, they held a Karate Tournament. Several Karate clubs participated and it was a huge success! From every enrolment, one Euro was donated to our charity.

During the Tournament, we had a lovely surprise when a special guest arrived – Saint Nicholas paid us a visit and handed out presents to all the children – big and small!

There will be regular Tournaments organized in the New Year to support our charity and further information will follow soon.

We are delighted with the support that we are receiving from the Karate and Judo children. Thank you!