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Sanjuro End of Year Certificate Presentation – July 2018

Recently we attended the end of year certificate presentation at Sanjuro Martial Arts Club in London.  On this occasion, we were delighted to be joined by our recently appointed patron, Catherine Johnson.

Catherine took charge of the certificates, writing in each young person’s name on their certificate (no mean feat with around 50 to get through!) before presenting it to them.

Food and soft drinks were available for everyone and the youngsters also got to choose a special gift from the charity which had been donated by Jackie.

It was a great evening, thoroughly enjoyed by young and old alike!

Here are some photos from the evening.

We would like to thank Catherine for taking the time to visit Sanjuro, presenting the certificates and interacting with the young people.  We know it was very much appreciated!

Sanjuro Martial Arts, London

The latest video on our project in north London – Sanjuro Martial Arts. You can see how much the young people are enjoying the class. If you would like to help this class to continue, please consider supporting us by making a donation. Thank you.

In London – Celebrating Bruce Grove Youth Club

On 28 March 2018, Ben from JC Dragon’s Heart Europe, attended the Celebrating Bruce Grove Youth Club event. The event consisted of two Sanjuro Martial Arts classes followed by food and drink for all.

It was a great evening for everyone, including parents, and wonderful to see the students persevering and showing dedication in their classes.

Many thanks to Glenn and Anita of Sanjuro Martial Arts (www.sanjuromartialarts.com), and the students and staff at Bruce Grove Youth Centre.

Here are some of the photos from the event –




… and finally …



Emmanuel – 2017 Update

We recently received the following from Sean Jones, Executive Director at The Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP).  Emmanuel was featured in our original write-up on the ROP in 2012.

“Emmanuel joined ROP’s Imizi Children’s Centre in Rwanda when he was only five years old.  This was around the same time that Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe charity began its partnership with ROP, helping us to provide our former street children with quality primary education.  At the time, Emmanuel was the youngest child to join the Imizi program, and he started school in grade 1.

Each and every year, Emmanuel worked as hard as he could in the classroom, and as a result he was almost always at the top of his class at the end of the term.  All of his fellow classmates looked up to him as an example of what hard work and enthusiasm can achieve.

Today, six years later, Emmanuel has nearly completed his first year of secondary school, and once again he has risen to the challenge by being one of the top scoring students at his new boarding school.  Whilst we are very proud of Emmanuel’s achievements, we are also very proud of the fact that, after years of hard work from our team of social workers, we have been able to rebuild the relationship Emmanuel had with his former estranged aunt.

Emmanuel ran away to the streets because his aunt was abusive and negligent towards him when he was younger, but today they have a very positive relationship and Emmanuel goes to visit her in between school terms.  ROP has also helped his aunt to start a small business selling fish at the local market, so she is now able to take better care of her own children as well.

It is thanks to the support of our partners, like Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe, that we have been able to change Emmanuel’s life, and the life of so many other vulnerable children from all over Rwanda.”

We are delighted that Emmanuel is doing so well, and would like to thank Sean for his update.

And here is a photo of Emmanuel as he is today …


JC Dragon’s Heart Europe Community Centre

IMG_4026 3

We are so excited to announce that on 14 October 2017, the JC Dragon’s Heart Europe Community Centre, and home to the ‘Huis Madelief’ project, was opened in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam.

The official opening was performed by Kitty Engelmoer (President of the Dragon’s Heart Europe charity), Janny Heine, Regina Bussing and Edwin Smid, who is Chairman of the local council.  Edwin expressed his appreciation stating that such facilities in the neighbourhood are of vital importance where people can meet, make friends and find help if they need it.  Kitty thanked her volunteers stating that without them, it would not have been possible.


As well as hosting the ‘Huis Madelief’ project, the Community Centre is available to hire throughout the day/evening Monday-Friday.  Among the groups already meeting there are a computer club and tai chi group. There is also a recycling programme where people are welcome to bring their unwanted items … and perhaps buy something they do want!  Sun beds are also available to hire.

As the opening of the Centre was such an auspicious occasion, board members from Germany and the UK travelled to Rotterdam to join in the celebrations.


“For the charity, this is a big step forward,” said Jane. “We are now receiving income we can use for our projects.”  They were pleased to see that there was so much interest in the opening. “This shows the importance to the environment.”

This is the first official Dragon’s Heart Community Centre in the world


A great initiative!

Chris Jones, a full-time martial arts instructor with his own school in North Yorkshire (www.chrisjonesmartialarts.moonfruit.com), and a dedicated Dragon’s Heart supporter has come up with a great idea to promote our charity.

Having sought our permission, he has used our logo on the sleeve of his polo tops. What a great initiative!

Many thanks Chris for the extra bit of advertising.


Sanjuro Certificate Presentation Evening

Dragon’s Heart Europe support a very unique martial arts class for young people with special educational needs and associated learning difficulties at Bruce Grove, Tottenham, North London.

On 19 July 2017, the UK Board members paid a visit to award these dedicated students and their volunteers with Certificates to mark their Achievements over the last year.

20247827_1480171798672386_4639258668088256448_o 20157766_1480170932005806_6023882849606931876_o

20247883_1480171402005759_346002750118110385_o IMG_0801

IMG_0808 IMG_0873

This was a great evening shared with the students and their parents. Huge thanks, as ever, to Glenn Delikan of Sanjuro Martial Arts for making it all possible.


Joining Cultures: JC Fans Spanish Tour 2017

Between the 7th and 12th July 2017, a tour was organised by Spanish Jackie Chan fan, Antonio Ramírez Santandreu (Jackie Chan Spain) to visit locations in and around Madrid and Barcelona that were used in the films Wheels on Meals and Armour of God II: Operation Condor, along with other places of cultural interest.

The tour was a great success and was attended by fans from the following countries – Chile, England, Estonia, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Spain and Uzbekistan.

During the tour, one of the many fun events that took place was a charity auction which was hosted by Silke. Items for the auction were donated by the fans and The JC Group. These included collectors magazines, JC socks, action figure dolls, posters and other rare items. Over 700 Euros was raised from the auction and more has also been donated.

We at Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Europe would like to thank Antonio for organising this tour, and all the fans who attended and contributed to making this a great event.

Finally, we would also like to thank the sponsors: Zafiro Hotels, Norma Comics, Glups and SelectaVisión.

group 2

Toni 1

Auction items 1

Group 3

The fans were delighted to find this building …

AOG House

Toni’s Movie Location Event

Two years ago, a dedicated Jackie Chan fan, Antonio Ramírez Santandreu, had a vision that Jackie Chan fans from around the world could visit some of the most iconic locations in Spain where the movies, Operation Condor (1991) and Wheels on Meals (1984), were filmed.

Well, this week Toni’s vision has become a reality as fans from 8 different countries will be doing just that!


After much organising during those two years, over 20 fans will visit these memorable locations in Madrid, Segovia and Barcelona. Buses have been booked to get the group around together with a venue for dinner in the evening should the fans wish to take part.

We are delighted to hear that Toni has also agreed to a Charity Auction with any profits going to Jackie’s Dragon’s Heart Europe charity; we would like to thank Toni for agreeing to this.

We are sure everyone will have a great time, and we can’t wait to see some of the photos. Stay tuned …

Celebrating Jackie’s Birthday

Jackie's birthday 2017

18 April 2017

As we all wish 成龍 Jackie Chan a happy 63rd birthday this month, and celebrate his amazing career (which included being awarded an Oscar last year!), let’s also celebrate Jackie’s charity work in helping those in need.

Please take a minute to have a look at the videos below, one which outlines the projects carried out by JC Dragon’s Heart Europe, and the other being Jackie’s message to those who are being helped by his European Dragon’s Heart charity.

If you would like to help, please consider making a donation and/or using easyfundraising.org.uk when you shop online.