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A ‘Thank You’

Following a general call for help from the Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP) owing to their major fundraising events being cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dragon’s Heart Europe made a special donation to ROP of £2,500 to assist them to continue paying the salaries of their teachers.  The following letter was received from Jenny Clover, one of the Trustees of ROP.

“I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for your really incredible support of ROP recently. We’ve been a bit worried about how all this would affect ROP’s finances, and hearing about support like this has really made a huge difference and been a real relief. To know we have the support of you all and JC Dragon’s Heart Europe when things are difficult means a lot to us (on top of all the support you already give us). We are really grateful and very lucky to have supporters like you, so thank you from all of us at ROP for being so quick to come to our aid. I hope we can thank you in person before too long.”


We hope you enjoy seeing the young people.